World Group

A conglomerate of faith and works. Prophetic World Group has two main concentrations, mentoring, and ministry. Both entities are devoted to upgrading the minds of those who will inherit the future. Inspirational messages inspired by biblical truths taught by Jesus Christ. Our mission as stated in our Articles of Incorporation, is to enhance the mind of our children, so that violence will not be an option. We teach on Non-violence and sex-abstinence, and  the benefits thereof. {See Booking Page for MENtoring INFO}

In light of the death of George Floyd, PWG is making a statement that we absolutely have no tolerance for racism in any spectrum of our organization. We refute all ACTS Of racism and we sincerely believe that #BlackLivesMatters as our president and vice president are young african american males. In this war on racism we know that if we stick together and stay the course, we will create a more peaceful world for our children and generations to come. -PROPHETIC WORLD GROUP TEAM

2021 Covid-19 Eviction Relief

We know how hard this global pandemic has hit the wallet of americans all over the country. So we sat down with our board of directors and created an initiative in which we could help families all over the country with our new $15,000 Eviction Relief Program. As of February 3rd we reached over $9300 in giveaway money. With only a few weeks remaining, we encourage all applicants to apply.


Above is a group of students that PWG has been mentoring for a few months. We believe that the children of today are the parents of tomorrow. PWG believes in equipping children with talents and gifts that they can use to help make the world a better place. Through music we have found out that we can channel their creativity and help them become more resourceful to society.